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China Stone Industry Will Face New Challenge From EU

Date:2020-12-23 22:39:43    Views:1305

The European Commission for Standards (CEN) has decided to implement new requirements for the three types of natural stone entering the European Union: Only after passing the "EU standard CE certification" and sticking the "CE mark" can it enter the European Union market, otherwise it will be rejected from the European Union market Beyond the gate.

This "non-tariff technical barrier" is a serious problem that should be noticed to Chinese stone companies that are exporting stone to Europe and preparing to open up the European market. It is different from the "anti-dumping lawsuit" which can be recovered through legal procedures, but a threshold that can only be passed through enforcement and adaptation. China's stone companies must attach importance to thinking, prepare early, pass the "CE certification" as soon as possible, and obtain the "CE mark" in order to grasp the initiative in direct dialogue with the new requirements of the European Commission (CEN), maintain and expand market share, The enterprise wins ideal profits and development.

The European Commission for Standardization (CEN) will first implement relevant inspection and test requirements for the three types of natural stone that China exports to Europe the most:

1, ENl341 external floor natural stone slab

2, ENl342 small square stone (natural stone) for external use

3, ENl343 Ground stone for external natural stone floor 

The relevant inspection and testing contents of the above three types of stone include "A, initial characteristic test" and "B, EU CE standard".